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Hi everyone,

Although new here, I have been around a while and my earliest dogs were trained by old methods. I went on a clicker course with Kay Laurence in the UK after reading as much as I could about clicker training but finding no local club interested in it. I really enjoyed myself and I was amazed by the difference in my relationship with my dogs - we achieved CAP2. I grew up with working gundogs and collies but my more recent dogs have been rescue GSDs. Sadly I no longer have the dogs who converted me to clicker training but I now have a 4 yr old GSD male and a 15 month old GSD bitch puppy, both rescues. I have found an obedience club which. although not exclusively clicker based, uses only positive methods. My aim at the moment is to teach both dogs the fun they can have with clickers. Puppy was recovering from Parvo and tapeworm at 16 weeks when I got her. The boy had had a jerk and pull training as well as several failed rehomings which meant he has taken a long time to feel safe. I am looking forward to "meeting" people here.

Best wishes,

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Welcome to the Academy!
Glad to hear that you have seen the different positive training can make. ^^ There are tons of trick ideas throughout the website, as well as many members knowledgeable in behavior areas. If you ever have any questions, feel free to post them in the lounge.
I'm trying to learn as much as I can about teaching gundogs with positive methods, though I don't hunt with guns or really have a need for a gundog---I work at a hunting/outdoor supply store and I want to help change the opinions of the gundog world(along with all the other people in the world following the same path that I am!), so I'm trying to learn how to train gundogs with positive methods.

Anyway, good luck with your dogs, and enjoy the website!