Hi from England


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My name's Vicki and I currently live in England though both my dogs were bought from a shelter over in America when we lived over there! Lucy is a chow/retriever mix who is 7 and Benji is a corgi/collie mix who's 5.

We also have an 11 week old baby so I'm hoping teaching the dogs some new tricks will give us some time together because their walks are cut short these days with having a baby to also look after!

Training issues: Lucy is a bit of a puller and she's quite strong willed although super intelligent and loads of fun. Benji is more obedient on the basic commands but doesn't like other dogs and despite 2 walks a day and lots of effort he still can't manage to walk past another dog on our walks if it's coming directly towards us although he can cope with seeing other dogs if they're going in the same direction or straight across our path so I guess we're making progress.

Hopefully some extra tricks and training will make their general obedience better and in turn help overcome these little problems. I live in hope, anyway!

Nice to find this forum and meet you all :dogsmile:


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Welcome. :)

Lucy and Benjin sound very cool, can't wait for some picts of them.

Have you tried standing still when Lucy pulls until she get's back to your side? 'Lo is a bad pulled, but I've got her to the point where I just have to point behind me and she's back up, granted, she does do it with a sigh lol (very dramatic) Have you tried any training collars/harnesses? Have you taught Benjin watch me? I've read that bringing them off the path, and putting them is a sit and watch me is really supposed to help.


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Standing still with Lucy doesn't work. She's happy to stand for a good 10 minutes too! Changing direction every time she pulls is the one we've had most success with and she's 100 times better than she was. She's strong willed though - if I don't keep up the training she takes advantage!

Benji does know 'watch me' but I seem to have more success if I ignore other dogs and act normally. At the moment I walk towards the other dog to as close as I can, then go in another direction the second I sense he's struggling to remain calm. I'm hoping in time we'll be able to get closer and closer to other dogs before he reacts?

Thanks for the welcome :dogsmile: