Hi From Cameron, Duncan, And Alicia Of New Hampshire!


Hi there! My name is Alicia and I have two dogs, Cameron and Duncan.

Chow Chow mix, 60 lbs.
Adopted from the NH Humane society at nhhumane.org (transferred from Georgia)
Born February 29th, 2008, adopted at 10 weeks.
Picked for being more outgoing, bossy, and explorative than her littermates.
Behavior Problems: Due to poor guests in the home she became guest-fear-aggressive summer of '10. We're working on it every day!
Obedience: Sit, down, stay, come.
Tricks: Paw, Bow, Up Up, Speak. (learning "Bang Bang" -> play dead)

GSD/Golden Retriever mix, 90+ lbs.
Adopted from the NH Humane Society at nhhumane.org (transferred from Alabama)
Born around August 2009, adopted at 4 months
Picked for being cute, bossy with littermates, and a huge trouble-making curiosity.
Behavior Problems: Shy around strangers, has to be close to things even if he's afraid of them, doesn't function well without Cameron. Plus side? He's making fantastic progress!
Obedience: Sit, down, come (hates stay, constantly wants to be close someone).
Tricks: Paw. (currently proofing "Paw")

And that's them!

As for me...
I'm 18 years old and will be attending the University of New Hampshire in the fall with a major in Biomedical Sciences with an option in pre-veterinary.
I no longer train with P+, and now use a clicker with R+, R-, and P-.
I love training with hand signals, and find that both of my dogs are most reliable with both voice and hand signals, medium reliable with just hand signals, and least reliable with voice commands.
I consider my dogs to be my partners in crime.
My favorite thing about having dogs is all that they give me in return.
My least favorite thing about having dogs is that any Joe Schmoe can give them a negative experience and you have to work your tail off to undo the association it's created in your dog's mind, :(

Anyways, that's us!


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Welcome to DTA, I'm sure you'll enjoy looking around here :).

A pity about your teenage guests, teenagers can be really good or really bad with dogs. A little dog I know got snowballed by some idiots, it broke its lead and nearly got run over :mad::mad::mad: but my dog loves playing football with the most thuggish youths in the park and they really like him. Hopefully Cameron will soon realise that most guests are nice not nasty :).


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Welcome! I also have a fear aggressive dog that I'm trying to rehab... it's a looonnnggg road!


Thank you all for the welcome! Hopefully when I get my own place (like, after college, :() It will be doggy bootcamp!

Hayley Thompson

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I know exactly what you mean with poorly behaved guests, this happened to me to...but I had a breakthrough on Saturday when I had 2 girlfriends over that Riley never met before and she was in LOVE!! Such a good dog and not only did she not bark, she actually performed her tricks for them and let them pet her!!

Proud moment for me, although the girls thought I was crazy because I kept saying how shes never like this but that is so amazing that she loved them..meanwhile they were probably thinking, "She's an ok/average dog, its not like she is lying down ignoring us!"

So now I am left curious as to whether she may just be frightful of new men or maybe she is just putting this behind her.

It was my brother in law and a friend of ours that had frightened her (they just pushed too hard to want to play with her) which led her to be very anxious and protective, I must say though after about 5 times of meeting my brother in law again and having him ignore her completely she is now in love with him also! Needless to say, people need to learn good manners around a dog if they want the dog to have good manners around them!


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:ROFLMAO:well hello and a very warm welcome,sounds like you go for the trouble makers,lol,I shall be looking forwrd to all your "naughty" stories(y) will be fun reading those and of course any progress with training your babes:)