Hi from a complete newbie!


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Hi I'm Jacqui and have an elderly collie cross called Ben and a chocolate labradoodle called Teddy who will be 2 in July. I rehomed Teddy at the end of September last year and so far have just done basic training with him but want to do more, although his basic obedience still leaves a lot to be desired!!! :dogblink:
Unfortunately everything has been delayed by me receiving a knee injury meaning I can't walk Teddy myself at the moment (he is too boisterous to risk it until I can walk better). However we tried our first agility jumps in the garden today and he loved it.:dogbiggrin: He is a high energy boy so maybe this will be the thing for him! I want to learn things I can do in the garden with him which he will enjoy and which will use up some of his energy as well as his intelligence!:dogwink:
I also live with my daughter and her two black doodles Angel and Sam. Angel does agility and really enjoys it too.
I've only just discovered this site so I am looking forward to learning lots from it.

Jean Cote

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HI! Welcome to the dog trick academy! :D It is great to meet you and I hope you find many useful things on the website. :dogwink:


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Hi Jacqui, It's Penny (Henniepennie and Maisy !!!) Just like you decided to have a look and see what Maisy could do in the garden. Maisy is was quite quick at learning at puppy class but get her out in the big world she was useless !! More fun sniffing and chasing other people or dogs. See you back on DT Jacqui