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I am the owner of an adorable pug who's name is Alfie. His owners did not want him as he was not show dog standard, his legs are a couple of inches longer than should be and he had a double set of teeth and only one testicle (the other was located in his stomach.) The previous owner had not socialized Alfie, he loved other dogs but was very wary of people. He was 9 months old when I got him and he is now 2 years. He has done very well with his training, walks to heel, sits and lays when told but there is one problem that I am finding difficult and need someone to point me in the right direction to correct the problem.
If a pedestrian without a dog is approaching Alfie stops in his tracks and waits until they are passing to try and catch hold of a trouser leg. His intention is not to bite as he does this with any male visitor who enters the house, dragging and shaking the trouser leg. I have read somewhere to squirt water on him whenever he does this, I'm not sure if this wouldn't excite him more thinking it was a game, can anyone please help??


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Hi and welcome.
Please don't use a squirt bottle for this I don't see if helping at all. Not sure of how to help you with this, but others will.


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Welcome! Definitely don't use a squirt bottle, that is likely to just make the situation worse. Is he doing this playfully or aggressively?


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Welcome:) Definitely do not use the squirt bottle, it will make matters worse.

From what you say he's playful and not aggressive, however I can well understand it's not easy explaining to people who've had their trouser legs grabbed.

What I would do is first, if possible, walk away until Alfie has learned that trouser legs are not toys.

You say he does this to friends who visit. As they understand Alfie is just being playful and wanting attention, then ask them to help you train him to stop. To do this have him leashed, unless he's brilliant at sitting by your side, and use the 'look at me' method of getting his attention when the trouser leg comes into view. Or, you could use the 'look at that' which will distract him from that oh so tempting trouser leg. As soon as he looks at you CLICK AND REWARD - heavily, keep rewarding while the trouser leg is still within grabbing distance. If using the 'look at that' distraction, again CLICK/REWARD and keep rewarding.

You will need to first train Alfie in either of this methods if he doesn't know them already. If you need help with these just post on this thread and we'll all help.

You can do the same when out but of course it's better to use a friend as your 'victim' and get Alfie trained to leave trouser legs alone - because friends understand whereas strangers may not. Also, when you're out carry a good supply of treats so you can use the look at me or distraction method and become a treat dispenser.

But, I would if possible when out, avoid people wearing trousers, work on Alfie's training inside with friends because that's the safer option.

And thank you for rescuing Alfie, he sounds quite a cutie pie we'd all love to see his photo please, pretty please:):)