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  1. zulmanj New Member

    My name is Zulma and I recently gave my husband a beautiful chocolate female lab for his birthday. I did my reserach and found that a lab would be great company for him as we are both getting up there in age and he recently retired. He wasn't very happy with the puppy but it only took only a few hours he was busted talking to her in our backyard when he thought no one was looking.

    Her name is Canela and she is now 7 months old and is a hand full. Canela is being trained and so far she is doing ok. Canela is potty trained, kennel trained, bed trained (she goes to her own bed), sits, down, and stay (but only for a few minutes), she also sits by my side when I eat (I give her a lot of treats). We love her so much, but here is our problem and it's a serious one as Canela is 64 pounds now and she could really hurt us if we are not careful..... Canela JUMPS and JUMPS really high. I swear she jumps pass my head and I'm 5 3 which is not very tall but it is for Canela. As soon as I come in the door she's jumping all over the place and if we have anything in our hands and I mean anything she will jump to try to get it.

    Sooooo with that said - there's the reason I joined the group looking for help.

    Anyway thanks for listening I look forward to your suggestions. Thank you

    Does anyone have a suggestion? I've tried having her on a lease that my husband holds down with this foot but she's gotten too big and he just doesn't have strength to do this.

    Help please. Thank you
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    I wish I could help you, but I'm in the same boat. My American BulldogX Jumps like crazy just like Canela(beautiful name by the way.) Here is what some have suggested to me. Impulse control, cross your arms and stand still until she stops jumping than praise and treat( I suggest wearing a jacket), have a clicker in hand and as soon a Canela's butt touches the ground click and treat, have her favorite toy and play a game of fetch or tug to redirect her excitement, have a leash connected to her collar and step on it so she can't jump on it when she sits click and treat. Do Not Pet her Unless she is sitting or lying down. Once she has completely stopped jumping for at least a month than I think you may think about petting her while on all fours. Good Luck
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome Zulma and Canela:D Love both your names!

    With the jumping it is a problem, especially with a big, heavy girl like Canela. Danielle has given you really sound advice. Just want to add, turn your back (and if possible make sure you've some support like a wall) and ignore all the jumping.

    It won't happen immediately, so patience is needed here, but follow the tips given by Danielle and Canela will 'get it'. Dogs do not like to be ignored, just like us really, so Canela will soon realize that butt on the floor gets attention, but all four paws off the ground is ignored.

    Do you use a clicker? I would strongly suggest if you haven't one buying one immediately. They're very cheap and the best training tool you'll ever have. Click/treat for the behavior you want, i.e. all four paws on the ground and be quick. The moment her butt hits the ground click/treat and keep that up for quite a while.

    You may need to 'arm' yourself with a clicker all the time, especially when coming home if that's when she's at her worst. She's showing you how much she loves you, but a big dog can be over powering, especially for retired people, so use that clicker - click/treat for the good behavior.

    And also reward her click/treat at other times, when she's sitting down like a good girl. Don't forget to reward the behavior you want, that's as important as ignoring unwanted behavior.
  4. zulmanj New Member

    Got it! Clicker - check! Treats - check! Not contact - check!

    Thank you

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  5. southerngirl Honored Member

    Hi. How are you and Canela doing. Did you get a clicker? Have you been able to get her to stop jumping?
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