Hi all from little old NZ


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Hi all my name is Elise, i'm 19 years old and I live in New Zealand, i've done dog training for soon to be 2 years last year i trained my family’s 6 year old JRT Rachel but now i do training with my own little mutt

My dog Max is a year old and is an agility dog but he's only recently turned one so before we started agility we did non-stop tricks he knows a lot now and every chance he's gets he likes to perform for people he's a real little show off lol
max is about to join the local agility club soon but we will never give up on his tricks it's just to much fun
he's very well known on YT for both his agility and his crazy behaviour and also so far he has become an amazing agility dog all thanks to his trick training he did as a pup
I hope to keep teaching him more tricks as we go along