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We just got back from the dog park. While the pups are recovering, thought I would say Hey. I've got a 7 y.o. heeler/dalmation foster (who can be a little bossy) and a 6 m.o. Black Lab/something much smaller pup. They both have angelic and tyrannical moments. I'm looking for "educational" games to play with the youngster. Something besides

• GARDENING (eating all the yummy plants you put out in the garden)
• DIGGING to CHINA (the puppy actually unearthed a cache of charcoal and another of clay)
• NOW I KNOW IT - NOW I DON'T (Is that a treat in your pocket because I don't know ANY of those words unless you have a big treat:dogtongue2:)

And then there's Whitney's favorite games

• I CAN EAT THAT (poop, leaves, dirt, rocks, sticks, paper wrappers,...)
• MINE (everything is and the puppy gets nothing)

Jean Cote

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Digging to china... lol :dogsmile:

:welcome: to the Academy!!! Well clicker training is the funnest game there is, all of the lessons in the classroom as of now are only luring based, but soon I will be writing and recording clicker training lessons which is more fun! So stay tuned!