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Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Lone Star, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I just got my puppy yesterday (10 wk old boxer/aus shepherd mix -- his name's Dallas!) & he was in terrible condition :( He was infested with fleas (& when I say infested, I think he actually will weigh a whole pound lighter after all the fleas are gone) and the poor guy also had worms.

    These owners didn't do jack taking care of these pups and I don't know how they treat the parents! (He came from a litter of 5 & all but him & another pup had been given away; I feel so sorry for the remaining puppy :( Spay & neuter your pets, people!)

    Anyways, back to my dilemma -- my vet gave me Revolution to use on him. It seems to be working, but I was wondering if anyone had natural remedies or inexpensive flea/tick treatments? (I'm a poor college student & currently looking for a job!) PS: The vet recommended it because it takes care of the heartworm treatment as well... would like advice/feedback on Revolution and/or suggestions on other meds/natural remedies?

  2. sara Moderator

    Revolution will take care of all the issues you currently have with your pup. In the meantime strengthin your dogs immune system, feed high end food, give him lots of exercise and love, avoid stressing him out. With a really strong immune system they can fight off bugs (even parasitic bugs) on their own.

    as for home remedies for fleas... no idea, we do not have fleas here. My sister gives their dogs revolution in the late spring every year, as fleas are very common in Ontario. My dogs never have to get any of that... nor do I give Rabies vaccines for the same reason, we dont have it here.
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    With a wormy puppy don't go for "cheap" solutions, they will probably cost you more in the long run when your scrawny pup gets ill with every possible germ. Once you are clear of the infestations THEN you can look at natural prevention and Sara's suggestions for healthy immune systems.

    To be honest when I merely suspect my dog has fleas/worms I go for effective rather than cheap, I have very little money but I share my house with the dog, I DON'T intend to share it with fleas and worms.
  4. Lone Star Member

    @sara: Thanks so much for the advice! I've been feeding him good food (the previous owners were giving him Kibbles n Bits:sick:) and playing with him a lot.. he's acting more like a puppy now that he's feeling better :)
    @running_dog: FYI I was looking for natural preventions for after he is completely clean and free of everything. Right now he's on Revolution and that's working really well, I just wanted to know if other dog owners did anything different that was more natural/inexpensive/safe and still effective. But thanks!
  5. running_dog Honored Member

    That's great, I kind of picked up the wrong idea from your post. You'll find a whole thread on what people use to prevent/treat fleas, it's in the products section so not so easily found but it doesn't just have the off the shelf remedies there are natural/herbal remedies discussed as well. I hope that it helps.
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