Help with training dog to carry objects


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You can ask him to put his toy in his mouth ... c/t for him doing that for just a second. Then start increasing time that he holds it in his mouth. Then you can start putting it on the floor and ask him to pick it up (use different items each training session) and when he is picking it up off the floor you could start asking him to come to you with it?? Does that help?
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!


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gabygstardog;9590 said:
my dog is a very quick study, BUT, I'm pressed to teach her how to put something IN her mouth and CARRY it, HELP/HELP!
THANK YOU sooooooo much, we ended up gerririghing (sp?) it around her neck, it looked fine....I used a fancy bag handle (the corded kind) poked holes in the lil straw hat, then tied it around her turned out very cute, I WILL work on her with what you wrote and next time we will be ready ;-) thanks again. judy/gaby