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Discussion in 'Training Challenges' started by Khya, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Khya Active Member

    After a training session I usually let my girl play with her squeaky toy as a reward and to let her know that the session is over but she refuses to give it to me so that I can throw it for her again. I decided to have some treats to offer her so that she would drop the toy and take the treat. But she then is not interested in the toy only the treats. Should I just try to train give and take as a session by itself? How do I treat her to get the toy and throw the toy again with her interest?
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    I recognise that problem:D Jinx will come back to me with her toy, but when I want to take it, she turns her head away from me:rolleyes: For a long time, I have been rewarding with tug, because then I already hold the toy and she will let go of the tug on command.
    I am working on her give. I started out with a treat in front of her nose, so she would drop her toy.
    Then before I take out the treat, I would put my hand under her mouth, so when she sees the treat, the toy drops into my hand.
    We are getting there now. But I have been doing "It's yer choice" with that too. Meaning: if you don't give me the toy, I don't play with you anymore. I either turn my back or walk away.
    So yes, I train give separately.
  3. Khya Active Member

    Mmmmm it is an issue. I really don't want to play tug with her as she is quite strong and I have weak shoulders and I don't want her to win if I have to let go. So maybe be I will do as you say and if she doesn't want to give it to me then I don't play with's her choice. But saying that I really would like her to learn to give, maybe I could try with a low value treat then she might not be quite as interested in the food. Will see, thanks for your reply.
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  4. Maura Well-Known Member

    She doesn't see the toy the same way you do. The squeaky toy is hers to squeak. Use a different object if you want to play fetch. A ball, a frisbee, a tied up rag. When you are ready to train her give and take, use a treat so she will drop the toy (like Anneke) Can't sniff and hold onto toy at the same time. She takes the treat. Tell her "take" and give the squeaky toy back.
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  5. barnhill Experienced Member

    If she doesnt care about the toy once she sees the treats try getting a second of the same squeak toy. Throw, roll the first one and if she doesnt bring it back and drop it ignore that and use the second to get her to come back to you, be happy and excited. The game is now with you and the new toy and not the one she has, this should make her come see what you have. When she gets to you reward by throwing, rolling the second toy.

    I use this same method to teach a return for disc and as a drop drill to teach my dogs to drop when I say no matter where they are (again for disc, and they need to actually know drop first).
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