Help teaching my dog tricks


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I just got a new dachshund and I want to teach him how to do tricks but I am having a hard time doing so. If anyone has any advice on how to teach my dog tricks I would greatly appreciate it.


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what tricks are you trying to teach your puppy? If you go to the classroom there are very detailed instructions with videos on how to teach your puppy a bunch of tricks!


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You can start teaching your puppy the easiest trick perhaps the "shake" or "high five" and do it with treats, use it as a reward. First, entice your puppy with the treat, hold it in your hand and let the puppy try to get it from you using his paws, if your puppy reaches your hand with his paw you say "shake" immediately and praise dog with your happiest voice then give him/her the treat, or another way is hold the puppy's paw instantly and say shake and then give the reward. Practice it till your puppy gets the command. If the puppy learns the command, you can lift your hand a bit higher when doing the shake so as to make it appear that you are doing a high five with the puppy and of course you change the command to "high five" instead of shake

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Get some great tiny treats that he likes that are low fat like bits of chicken or lean beef. if that doesn't get his attention maybe a favorite toy?!?! My dogs are food hounds so will do ANYthing for food. :dogblink::dognowink: