Helloo All!!


i am Raider, i am an owner of a very naughty shepherd mix. i got him about 2 years ago. its really cool that i finally know even if it is a doggie that has the same amber eyes that i do and its really true!! dogs are like their owners!! (y)


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ADORABLE DOG!! cuuuuuuute!! and yes, very very pretty eyes on _______? Raider? is that your dog's name?

Lolz, i myself don't think dogs are always like their owners.
I know some very calm, confident ppl with hyper, misbehaving or even aggressive dogs.
I know some really nervous types of humans, with laid-back dogs.

I think of dogs as separate beings than their owners.
.......not extensions of us.

but, it must be nice to have matching eyes with your dog!

How is your dog "very naughty" ?? Be very specific, no detail too small, :ROFLMAO: ha ha!!
And what do you do, when the dog is "very naughty"???


no my dog's name is Ringo, when i say naughty i mean he always digs the plants out, but yeah by the time i discover that is too late to be upset with him..

my dog s super hyper just like me.. which means we tire each other out all the time.. a very good thing


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ah! sounds like a good thing, a high energy dog with a high energy person! perfect!

my dog only digs holes when he is BORED. Lots of dogs are like this....if we dont' give them something to do,
they'll find their own activities.:rolleyes:

Also, in hot hot hot weather, even if he is not bored,
my dog will dig and maintain one fairly deep "resting hole" in the shade, to lie in to cool down.

He just keeps that same "resting hole" all summer long. Uses same spot, too, year after year. I guess he is cooler sitting in this hole.
Lucky for us, it is behind some very large hostas, so it doesn't look ugly, can't really see it. He looks sooooo hilarious with his lil top of his head peeking out of the hosta garden!!

Maybe this doesn't apply to your dog, about digging means bored dog, but, that is how it is for *my* dog, though. Any other digging from Buddy, i have to stop and think, has he had too many boring days in row?

Tricks training helps tire out dogs, (the way you might feel after studying chemistry etc)
and gives the dogs stuff to figure out/stuff to do.

THAT'S COOL you know if you don't catch the dog doing something, scolding them later/aftaer the fact----is only confusing to dogs! Wish more ppl knew that!


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Hey, Raider, i wonder if you dog would like his very own "resting hole" like my dog has? In some shady spot in your yard, plant some hostas. Hostas get huge, so give them lots of room. Leave a spot behind the half circle of hostas, for your dog's "resting place", where he can dig and maintain his own lil "cool off" spot. (the earth is cooler a foot or two below the surface.)

Actually, for a lazy gardener, one really could leave the grass all in place, all around the hostas, like a landscaping bush has grass around it............. just leave empty room behind the hostas for the dog to dig in.

I bet, your family won't mind, if you do all the work of turning over the bed, and stuffing the hostas in place. (again, you have to leave tons of room for hostas to spread out when full grown, they come in all sizes, so be sure what size you are getting to leave enough room.) Hostas are impossible for any dog to dig up. I can barely dig one up, even with hour of shovelling. Hostas are great in shade, and 2 or 3 hostas would hide the dog's cooling off spot from view, as dog holes aren't much to look at! ha ha!!

Just a thought, that Ringo may so enjoy having his own lil hide-y hole to cool off in. MIght even save your other flower beds.
somehow, my dog does understand, he CAN dig in "his" spot,
but not anywhere else.

If it rains, my dog won't get in his resting hole if it is not dry,
but, if yours would lie down in a puddle, well, maybe you wouldn't want one.
My dog also keeps all leaves, etc, from being in there. He just wants some nice cool earth to lie on in the summer time. Buddy seems to do "maintenance" on his lil resting hole, too.

My dog isn't "dirty" when he gets out of it, either. Just looks normal...and he is half white. I guess the earth gets packed enough, it doesn't much rub off on him when he lies in it.

If he's recently dug it a bit deeper, his paws might be a lil dirty, but, that's easy enough to clean off his paws.

just a thought, Ringo might love having one, too.


our whole backyard is paved out, so the whole growing plants cant work by me. we do have pot plants, whose are the ones he scratches out.. i did incease the time we go on walks so he doesnt do it anymore..
i got him this dog bone thathe chews now whenever he gets bored in the yard, because im not always home as i work most of the time.. so im glad he likes the bone.. so whenever i see the bone is almost finished i get him a brand new one.. he doesnt like the plain ones though, so it always has to be one that has some reward inside of it.


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lolz, at first when i read this:
//"we do have pot plants"//
i thought, "Good grief, probably shouldn't be posting that online....if it is illegal where you live.."
then i realized you meant potted plants.:ROFLMAO:
(either way, i couldn't care less about who grows what, but i just chuckled)

GREAT WORK on solving the digging issue with more walks and some chew bones! Good on you, Raider!:D Lucky dog to have you for an owner, cleverly done, Raider.


my only thing is that he gets very attached to that dog bone! which does annoy me when i wanna play with him, because it is dog bone before me. the minute i step nearby him he goes for that bone, nevermind the toy im bringing to him.. -sigh-


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hee hee, mayyyyyyybe he is excited. Sometimes when my dog gets excited, he runs and grabs his toys and shakes them around. My dog also has chew bones, that he will run and get when he sees me, i always just thought he was excited. (my dog can be a bit of a spazz when he is excited, just grabs things when he is overly stoked)

Guess your dog much prefers chew bones to toys! This is great though, that you have found something your dog enjoys so thoroughly!:D

Does your dog know the cue "drop it" yet? If he doesn't, if you do decide to teach "drop it", i'd probably save the bone as one of the last things to practice "drop it" with, til Ringo already solidly knows the cue on other less favored items.:ROFLMAO:

another cute cue, is "trade". Dog drops the toy or item that he currently has, and gets the one you offer.


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the minute i step nearby him he goes for that bone, nevermind the toy im bringing to him.. -sigh-
How well I know that experience! I'm working on trading so we can work on naming toys. Zac still finds it almost impossible to switch from playing with a tennis ball to playing with another toy :(. Zac has all his toys in a fairly strict hierarchy stretching up from his unloved hard plastic frisbee to the squeaky-Kong-tennis-ball king!


i can only trade with my dog! it only works sometimes though.. for example yesterday i was playing with him got him new tennis balls, so i will throw the one then when he fetches it i show him the other while he drops the ball ill say drop, so that he will associate the word drop with dropping the ball.. he wil do it a couple of times until he gets the concept.

after a while he will refuse to drop the current ball for the other one, therefore chewing up the first ball. i will call then call him.. eventually he will come will the ball, ill show him the other ball again, he will drop the ball then as soon as i throw the ball, he will run for the 1st ball and then go for the second. he then has both the balls. -sigh- sucks for me though, because now i cant get any balls back.. oi i never had a dog this hard to train..
he just seems to outsmart me all the time!! very frustrating!! he wouldnt even trade the balls for his bone, because the previous night i had to trade the frisbee for the bone.


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LOL :ROFLMAO: it sounds like you have a clever dog.

I had to start with a three retrieve maximum with Zac and work up gradually as after 3 times of bringing the ball back he would start to look for his own amusements. Calling him when he isn't going to come just weakens recall and means your dog knows that there is an option not to listen.

Somehow you need to make the rules of the game work for you, I had to give Zac a jackpot of treats every time he brought the ball to hand at first. It also helps if you can break up chasing the ball with other activities - will he jump over your leg? spin? roll over? walking weave? these are all good ways of keeping a dog interested in playing for longer - and chasing the ball becomes a reward.


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I trained Bella with her giving by using you know those cheese spreads you can get in tubes, well I got bella to bring it back and held my hand out for the toy said give waving the cheese tube under her nose so she got a smell, she gave and got to lick some of the cheese from the tube that i put in front of her. Now shes great at giving me lol so good that I'm finding it hard to train her to hold lol because she just keeps dropping it back on my lap lol. :rolleyes:


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Raider, my dog had a lot of trouble with "drop it" too........can't remember now, how i ever FINALLY got him to give me back the toy, but, wow, i do remember it was really hard to teach him that one....that one was really hard for *my* dog to "get" the idea, or to go along with the idea.
He is great at it NOW, though, but it was hard hard hard for *me* to teach that one.

Tif, i have same trouble with "hold", too. I haven't worked on it too much, but, Buddy won't usually hold an item that i give to him for too long.
He'll hold items he chooses to carry around for all day long sometimes...but ones i hand to him, he takes it, and drops it soon enough.
I suppose i probably could work with him on that, but i haven't really.

He will fetch and bring things back to me,
well, he will do that for three (3) times.

after 3 times, if i throw toy, he just looks up at me with disdain, as if to say, "Ey! I'm no retriever dog, okay? If you reeeeeally don't WANT that toy, i'll stop bringing it for you, for pete's sake..":ROFLMAO:
which, of course, is THE reason we always throw it a 4th time,
is just to see THAT FACE he makes....total disgust!


yeah i get u on that! after like the 4th or 5th time throwing the ball/frisbee he will give me a glance fetch the item then go straight to his kennel and chew it up over there! he will just completely ignore me!! almost like he is saying i brought it back to u but u keep throwing it so i will just use it to occupy myself!
i wouldnt call my dog clever, just stubborn.. because if he was clever he will get that im trying to teach him something.. but whenever he stares at me with those pretty eyes just just forgive him.. cant help but be a sucker for that;)


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Raider, it may be your dog IS indeed, clever,
and does know what you want,
but just doesn't like fetch. Not every dog loves fetch.:ROFLMAO:

lolz, Ringo may think YOU are the stubborn one!!??:ROFLMAO:
There are dozens of things my dog LOVES LOVES LOVES, but,
fetch isn't one of them...


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ah Tif, that is great, i sometimes wish my dog DID like fetch,
as it is easy way to exercise a dog....
downside, dogs who love fetch often pester their humans mercilessly with slobber-covered balls in their laps every 2 minutes....all day long..

but, we've tried everything to increase Buddy's love of fetch, (we've even put peanut butter on frisbees..:rolleyes: )
but, it's just not for him.