De and Ginger

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Just found your group while searching for Sue Ailsby's original Training Levels. Nice!

I have been working with my own dogs for about 4 1/2 years now maybe a bit longer. I owner/trained my own service dog.

Before becoming involved with service dog work, I had never really known about dog training other than for showing. I love it and am running a peer group for training service dogs, and will be starting to teach basic obedience classes soon. (y)

I am a moderator/administrator for some service dog groups/pages on Facebook and the like, but will happily sit back and be one of the crowd, lol. :)

Blessings, De


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Welcome!!!!! What are your dog(s) names???? What breed???? We would LOVE to see some pics of your dog(s)!!!!!:D Do you do tricks/agility??? Do you use a clicker???? Have fun on this site!!!!!;)


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WELCOME!! Yes, feel free to post some photos of your dogs and tell us about them!

Do you use a clicker?
There is also a "service dog area" in the forums, too, which may interest you. Anyone and everyone can post a thread!!:)