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I am thinking of getting a border collie so I thought I would hang out here for a while and ask some questions.

I live in Maine and I have roomed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback, an F2 Savannah, and a Short-tailed Opossum.


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F2 Savannah? Oh my, I had to google just to find out what that was and all i can say is I WANT ONE!!!!

but then again i love all animals so long as they have legs :)

welcome to the forum and there are plenty of people on here with lovable (not to mention somewhat crazy and hyper) border collies who I'm sure will happily answer any questions you have on the breed :) Including myself - however I'm still fairly new to the BC scene (Evie is only 6 months old) but i can definitely give you some insight to what a BC puppy is like to have around :rolleyes:


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Andddddddd and quick search on wiki explains why i didn't know what a savannah cat is...

"The Australian Federal government has banned the importation into Australia of the Savannah cat"

Apparently they were worried (and rightly so) that it would become feral and kill all our cute little fuzzy creatures (native wildlife)


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WELCOME!!!:D Yeah, what's it like living with an opossom??? Ooooh, F2 Savannahs are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:LOL:


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Wow F2 Savannah, never seen those before they are so awesome! And welcome! (cute doggie by the way :p) I would love to get a border collie someday. :)


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Welcome to the DTA!

I dont have a BC (I did foster one for a month though :) ) so I cant help you there, but there are many on here who'll be able to help you