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Hi ! I am soon getting a dog but i dont know which is the best for me....
So im looking for a big dog but not too big, like a golden retriver.
And i dont want too groom it so much, just once a week.
I am very active so I am looking for a dog that likes long walks and that is very active.
And last i want a very healthy dog. I dont want a dog with cancer or something like that...
I was thinking of a Border Collie....
But what are you guys thinking ? Which Dog breed is good for me ?


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Hi and welcome to the forums;)
Exactly how much exercise do you plan on giving a dog per day?
How long will your dog be alone each day?
How much time for training do you have?

Well done for asking questions - with genetic conditions like cancer you need to get a puppy from a reputable breeder who does the relevant health checks on their dogs.


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Hi there,and welcome,best of luck with choosing a breed to suit your lifestyle,very sensible(y)
I wonder whether any breeder can for sure say that a dog wont get cancer,is that even possible . . .interesting:barefoot: