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Original eh?

My name is Marissa (creative user name, I know).
I am from the Bay Area in California.
I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. But my personal dog is Hunter.
He is a Catahoula and German Shepherd mix.
He is really smart and I would love to challenge him.
He is really stubborn but I try my best with him!
He doesn't know very many tricks, and I would love to teach him new things!

Marissa & Hunter


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:welcome::welcome:Wow, your dogs sound amazing!! Ha, a stubborn dog, huh? Ha well, someone here will be able to help you figure out ways to teach him!! Every dog is unique, let them know if you have any trouble!!

Ah, just noticed, your dog is like mine, has dog agression issues, there is good thread on that, called "My dog loathes the rottie next door" as well as several other threads...is a tough one, that! But all dogs can get better than they are now. So hang in there, and also there are many books on that problem, too. I am reading "click to calm" and i am going to read "The other end of the leash" next.

YOu are so lucky to live where you live!!! I am raking leaves today...*shiver*..