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I have been in dogs forever. They are my passion. I love teaching tricks using the clicker. My idol is Sylvia Trkman. Her videos are amazing. I have 5 dogs...3 are retired except from walks etc. 1, a french bulldog boy needs 1 major to become a breed champion then he will be neutered and finish his RAE and continue in APDT rally. My youngest is a 2 year old pyrenean shepard, named Alex who knows some tricks, has his CD,TD,RE,NA, 1 leg to NJW and a VCD1 title. My passions with him are tracking and agility...he is so good it's scary...I'm afraid I will ruin him.LOL..well that's all for now...BTW my name is Deb.


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WELCOME!! There are some other Sylvia fans around here!!

sounds like you are pretty talented with dog training!!! good for you!!!