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  1. heeler Active Member

    Hello Everyone
    I Was told about your site by a friend who thought I would be interested in it and he was right.
    I live in Brisbane Australia and I have an Cattle dog she is nearly 2 years old she has taken over our lives, a little about Cinda she is people and dog friendly and very spirited she is easy to train,as she is willing to please you, and is food motivated.We enjoy doing Flyball,tricks and still working on obedience not her favourite but we will keep working on it.
    Bye for now

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Heeler! Welcome to the Academy. I hope that you find many interesting topics and things that you can do with your dog. :dogsmile:
  3. heeler Active Member

    I am still trying to find my way around the Academy love watching the videos of the dogs doing their tricks
  4. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi Heeler,

    Welcome to the DTA. Yeah ! another aussie !!!!
    Have fun around the academy, theres lots to see and do.
    Hope to see pics of your dog soon.
  5. heeler Active Member

    Hi dat 123
    Yes a true blue aussie really looking forward to seeing your new tricks. How are you going with them ?
  6. dat123 Experienced Member

    Hi Heeler,
    My tricks are going slow, taught a couple of new impressive ones, but need to get good video before I post them up.

    Can't wait to see your doggie up on the DTA for everyone to see. I know she does some amazing stuff !!!!:msncool:

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