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  1. drago New Member

    HELLO! my name is Francesca...I'm from Italy...I own two beautiful dogs: Drago and Yuna they are my love!
    I've started training with clicker since the beginning and it is wonderful, it's the best way of comunication with our pets!
    I also own 3 cats...lazy cats!
    I don't do any sport with them like agility or obedience...but I love to play with them and perform all kinds of tricks...
    now I'm at the beginning but soon I hope to perform a lot of tricks..

    I hope to improve my english!so...excuse me in advance if I'm not good...:dogunsure:
    bye bye

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hello Francesca! Welcome to the DTA. :dogsmile: Your english is great, I can understand everything that you wrote.

    Have you clicker trained your cats too? :) I know some people that have, lol.
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Wonderful english Francesca, don't worry. :)

    I bet you guys would love the challenges. Enjoy the site, and welcome!
  4. snooks Experienced Member

    Welcome to you Francesca, your English is very good. What does Yuna's name mean, it's a lovely name. I agree with you about clickersand positive training and have very good success with them. I'll look forward to seeing you in the forums. Check out the monthly challenges and classroom. I think you'll find they fit right in with your positive training. :dogtongue2:

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