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Hi everybody I joined ages ago when I first got my labradoodle Louie but gave up trying to teach him tricks as he just doesn't seem to get it lol.:dognowink:
However I know have a 13 week old lab x collie and she is so intelligent, she already knows the basics such as lay, down ect and also knows paw, wave , turn and roll over. She is nearly there with the bang trick too :doglaugh:
No doubt I will be picking your brains on how to teach her more things!

Forgot to mention that the doodle is Louie and pup is Daisie!



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Doodles are so smart I'm surprised he didn't get it. You might try again or use puppy to help show him the way. A dog is never to old to learn tricks. Did you go through the classroom? That might really help if you didn't before to get a great foundation for the new pup and maybe Louie will figure out hey this is really fun!! :dogbiggrin:

Congrats on the new pup!!!!


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Welcome to the Academy!

I'm a firm believer that no dog is untrainable. ^^ Some dogs are indeed physically incapable of doing some tricks, yes, but every dog can be trained in some way. Don't give up on Louie just yet!! As Snooks suggested, check out the classroom. This will help with both Daisie and Louie. :) As for Daisie, the possibilities are endless--there are tons, just TONS of ideas all over the site for new tricks. If you need some inspiration or a general trick list check out the challenges, YouTube vids, and the Meet Our Staff forum, where our tricks are also listed.

Good luck with the dogs, and enjoy the site!


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Hi Tasha

Welcome back - wondered where you had disappeared to. Now you're mastering the clicker - try again with Louie!