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    just a quick intro from me. I'm getting my first personal dog in three to four weeks, she is a bull mastiff/akita cross and i can't wait. i'm also a little nervous as, although i like to consider myself a well rounded adult, this will be the most responsability i've ever had. i have grown up with dogs in the family and for the last three years shared a flat with an irish wolf hound/alsatian cross (who is the softest great ball of shaggy fur you could wish for), and 5 months in between with a basset hound (are they all that stubborn??). although neither were my personal responsability i have always given them extra walks and 'doggy sat' for them when mum and dad are away.
    basicly i wanted to join a forum that gives good friendly and ultimately helpful advice as i embark on a new phase of my life. hope you can help. :dogsmile:

  2. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA!
    He must be a huge dog, is he?

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