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    Hello. I have two dogs, Storm, a six year old female Siberian Husky and Jackal, an almost ten week old male Beagle/Fiest mix. I have owned Storm since she was a ten week old puppy. She has been a great dog. My only complaints would be that I did not socialize her enough as a puppy and she is a bit of a handful with company and also that she cannot be trusted off leash due to the nomadic Siberian Husky nature. Other than that (oh! and the hair!) I love her.

    Storm has been clicker trained and knows sit, stay, come, down, wait, high five, paw (high five with her other paw), bow, turn around (only knows it to her right), go inside, go upstairs, drop it, leave it, sit up, go under the bed (where she grew up sleeping, it was her den), out (leave the room), settle (wonderful command for nail clipping), off (for when we let her on the couch and also a way to control her jumping on people), go lay down, get a drink (for when we are on bike rides or walks; she has her own collapsible bowl), hurry up (basically means go potty) and one of her most recent tricks is to shake her head to the question "Are you a psycho?". She will shake her head to other questions if the setting is right. I need to teach her a hand signal for it, but haven't yet. I think those are all of the commands and tricks she knows. There are probably other day to day commands, but those are all I can think of right now.

    I got Jackal a couple of weeks ago because my fiance and I wanted a squirrel dog. I have done a little bit of clicker training with him, but not much yet due to a hectic work schedule and potty training has been a bit of a challenge with him, even though he is crate trained. I plan to teach him the same tricks as Storm plus many more if he proves to be eager to learn.

    I guess that is probably more of an introduction than anyone would actually want to read, :doglaugh:.

    For pictures of Jackal and Storm please visit Jackal's Puppy Journal at rascallyjack.blogspot.com

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    Hello achieve1dream ... it's a pleasure to meet you and to hear about your companions. They sound as though they're quite the characters!! We have Bailey, she's 4 .. a Cocker Spaniel ... originally we got her as a companion but she's since been certified as our Service Dog and has also been certified for Therapy dog work also ... she's got quite a personality herself ... oh, she's a notorious blanket thief as well!!

    We're going to have a look at the pics you've listed there too, we're anxious to see what Jackel looks like!

    We hope you enjoy your time here, it's a great site, we've enjoyed it and we're sure you will too.

    Are you psycho? That's hysterical.

    Take care: Hivin

    Don't have a Husky pic yet, have to settle for the Malamute
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    Therapy Work

    Thank you for your reply. This is an interesting coincidence. I forgot to mention in my profile, but I also have plans of hopefully getting Jackal registered for therapy work and/or to at least complete the CGC. I have no experience in therapy work, but it is something that has always interested me. I think it would be extremely rewarding. If you have any tips for his training or more importantly how to correctly socialize him (the area where I failed with Storm) I would really appreciate it. Thank you again for your response. Look forward to hearing from you again.
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    Hi again:

    It's great that you're considering Therapy work for you and Jackal ... generally if you can pass the Canine Good Citizenship test then you'll be acceptable for work with most agencies that place/certify dogs for therapy work. There's such a need for this and it's so rewarding too.

    We'd love to talk about this more with you ... maybe in the Service Dogs Forum. We've got a lot of links to different organizations and sites where you can get lists of various tasks and skills that the dogs need to have ... and we gladly share any information/knowledge we have with anyone else interested in this type of activity with their dogs/animals.

    We're looking forward to talking about this with you.

    Take care: Hivin

  5. achieve1dream Experienced Member

    Therapy Work

    I will check out the service dog forum. Thanks!
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    Hi and welcome.

    Storm is stunning, and by the sounds of it, very clever too. I also have a 'Storm' a cocker spaniel. Best of Luck with helping Jackal achieve his service dog status. Look forward to seeing you round the site :)
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    Thanks for the welcome Stormi. I looked at your pictures. Your Storm is very beautiful too. That has to be my favorite color in the Cocker Spaniel. :)
  8. stormi Well-Known Member

    Awww, thank you :)
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    I am a new user to this forum....
  10. achieve1dream Experienced Member


    Welcome to the forum Mic. I really like it so far. There is so much great information. :dogbiggrin:

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