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    Hi All, I just got wind of this site. I have 2 Staffordshire Bull Terries. A 1year old male and a 2.5 year old female who is 5 months pregnant at the moment.Our female is an absolutely dream dog. She is one of a kind in my books. She does obedience training and knows quite a few tricks. Beg, shake paws, high five, right and left spin, rollover, speak, say please(bark with no sound) and plenty more. She will learn something new in 5 minutes. She just wants to be stimulated with different things all the time.
    I need new tricks to teach her. WOuld be very grateful for any suggestions as to more tricks.


  2. snooks Experienced Member

    Welcome, I'm guessing you mean 5 weeks pregnant?? Since 5 mos would be a 3 mos too long. :dogblush:

    Bullies are very nice to train with dumbbells and since she's preggers. I've got a friend with a Rottie that is teaching dumbbell work and it is complicated yet simple enough that you both could enjoy it before and after birth. how about teaching easy but interesting things she can do for a break from puppies is targeting and searching the house for goodies hidden. Teaching her to do a little light scent tracking is fun and she needs the extra nutrition.

    I also like teaching targeting with nose and paw since it sets foundations for a lot of other things to teach. Weave through your legs, shake paw, take a bow, a recent one here was blowing bubbles. Take a look at the monthly challenges section, there are great ideas there.

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