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  1. shane94 New Member


    My name is Paulina and I'm from Mexico, I have 2 dogs, a 6 months german sheperd with Hip Displasia and a little rescued chihuahua, she have 8 years aprox.

    I like to train my dogs by positive methods but actually I don't have time for that in this moment.

    5 months

    And Sucia, my chihuahua.


    I had another dog named Benji, he was very inteligent.

    This is one of his videos.
    1.- closing doors
    2.- Bring it
    3.- where is Benji?
    YouTube - Adiestramiento con clicker. (Descansa en paz)

    Sorry for my english.:msngiggle:

  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi Paulina, welcoma to DTA. You'll find lots to do here. Your dogs are just beautiful. Little Sucia is so cute, and Danka is just gorgeous. I have 2 GSs also (plus an Aussie) .. I just love GSDs, and you have a beauty! Thanks for posting pictures! I watched your video, Benji was so cute, I loved the way he closed those doors and hid his little face. Poodles are so very smart, it's obvious you spend a lot of time with your pups.
  3. buba New Member

    well hi paulina my name is brian and im from mexico too your dogs are gorgeus and well i have a weimaraner sort of pup like about a year and a half so welcome

    pd im a newcomer too.

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