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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bocephus, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. bocephus Experienced Member

    I was randomly searching through my local Doggy contacts and came across this site. Before I had realised it 2 hours was just spent reading through allot of your posts. I must say everyone seems very friendly and I love how the tips and information is freely given!
    I look forward to seeing more and sharing some of our fun times with all of you.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi bocephus!!!

    :welcome: to the Academy!!! I love the pictures your submitted, lol, that is really vertical!!!!! :dogsmile: Are you doing that for competitions or just for fun? I guess the goal is to get your dog to catch an object and then land in the water?
  3. bocephus Experienced Member

    Thank you Jean,
    I have really enjoyed staying up all night going through your site and forum.
    There are different aspects to AirDogs
    !) Long Jump; How far can you fly!!
    2) Vertical Air Jump; How High can you fly!
    3) Catch-it!! How far can you fly and catch your object! Must catch it for jump to count!

    I started this club so more people can enjoy this sport. Once you do it your hooked!! We do absolutely no discrimination on breed or sex. We have pups ranging from the toy breeds(Toy poodles) Bully breeds(pits) any (most important rule)( FRIENDLY DOG)dog is welcome. It is soooo much fun!!! When there is no lake or pond I have a 30,000 gallon pool I set-up along with a 40 foot dock to run down for the pups to launch off.
    I am gearing up for a event the first week in Dec. I will be hosting a Jump and donating everything to children in the quest to help all enjoy Christmas.
    Is it not great or what!!! Everyone gets to have fun with their pups and at the same time make a childs christmas special!!
    Life is good!!
    Though at times it makes me a poor and tired sole it is well worth it!!
    Soon the sponsors will come and help!!
  4. Jean Cote Administrator


    Thanks for the description and the pictures! That stuff sounds really cool, it would be awesome to try it one day!! Too bad you live so far away... Hehe :dogtongue2:

    I assume the dog must be toy crazy to play this game, kind of like flyball. :)

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