Hello From The 3 Of Us!


Hi, my name is Heather and I'm owned by 2 Jack Russell Terriers.
Kiara is 3 and Olly is 17 months.
They both are in a local flyball team and adore it!
They are way more clever than me so I need help to think up new things to teach them as they learn things quicker than I can find new stuff!
They also have a show coming up to show off their tricks so always on the lookout for things to bring a smile to their adoring audience!

Heather x


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WELCOME!!! Wow, sounds like you are already onto training, and doing a good job keeping those JRs busy!!
If you have any videos of your JRs doing flyball, i adore watching flyball!

Any special tricks you want to teach? If you don't know how, post a thread on it, or just ask, and someone will be by to help you!

For trick shows, i think one of the funniest tricks of all, is having the dogs "read" cue cards. no, the dog doesn't reeeeally read the cards,
instead, you train the dog to look for some hidden cue:
The way you hold the cards (one hand, left hand, both hands on top of card, one hand on each side of card, two fingers on front side of card, etc etc etc)
the way you stand, the facial expression you make, the position of your legs (like one knee flexed could be a cue for the dog, or have your feet far apart,) etc etc.

This trick seems to amaze crowds.:eek:

Also funny, is, if you teach dog FUNNY things to do for each card.
LIke, if card reads "Olly, are you tired?" and Olly lies down (as opposed to having card read "lie down").
think up funny humorous cues, so the dog's trick looks like an answer to a question.

Card reads: "Kiara, do you want to win the prize today?" and Kiara begs.
stuff like that, the list is endless.

Card reads" "Olly, am i your favorite dog trainer?" Olly barks! or runs over and high-fives you.

Or card reads: "Olly, so you think YOU are the winner here today?" and Olly runs and grabs some ribbon from a box you have set up somewhere.

okay, that's my two cents on "funny tricks for trick shows":ROFLMAO: i am fond of humorous tricks.


That sounds like great fun! Might try that out although they seem to respond more to sound than actions as you can imagine with 2 young JRTs they are pretty hyper and are more focused on the reward than my movements! Hopefully i'll learn how to change that around.
I have a few videos of them, mostly when they were just learning, i'll post them up as soon as i figure out how! You'll have to excuse the sound of my squealing at them though :oops: x


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lol, my dog soooo prefers hand cues, or any type of physical visual cue,
wow does he ever!!:ROFLMAO: He can do words, too, but he much prefers hand cues.

You could use same idea, and just SAY the questions, for dog to do the trick. To get a dog to do a trick to a QUESTION or an entire sentence, you train dog to respond to LAST WORD only,
last word of question.

so, IF you do like humor in dog tricks, (not eveyrone does, but, i do!:ROFLMAO: )
If you wanted your JR to run and bring you a ribbon to question, "Olly, do you think YOU are the winner?"
you'd use the last word 'WINNER' for Olly's cue to bring you a ribbon, or to get a ribbon.
...........otherwise, the dog does trick BEFORE you have even finished asking the question!!:rolleyes:


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WELCOME!!!!:D Looks like everything has been said already, LOL:ROFLMAO:

LOVE the pics!!!!:love:
And wow. They are soo good (and fast, wow!) at flyball!!!:D