Hello from Taiwan


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Hi there!

My name is Debra and my boy Ka-ne is a 2-year-old corgi.
Ka-ne has not been sent to any school, but has learnt a lot of tricks which I read on the books or watched on TV.
I guess he and I could learn more from DTA.:msnwink:

Thank you for building this wonderful forum!
See you later!


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Thank you for your warm welcome!
I have tons of Ka-ne's picture...but have a little problem of uploading them here:dogsad:

Still trying to figure out how...

See if this works...



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Thank you. Glad to know the photo was secessfully pasted!

I never knew I was such a dog-loving person until Ka-ne came to my life!
I also found everybody loves their big ears, big butts, and short legs! (especially when they lie down on the floor.:msngiggle:)


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awwww, what a cute puppie!

I never would have known I would be a dog person either. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ALL ANIMALS, and I have had horses and squirrels and cats, and I have lived with dogs many times, and I love them, but I am really a cat person at heart. At least, until I got my husky. Anyway, welcome aboard. I am a new member myself. :)


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Hi, jazzycat!
Everytime we met huskies, they just loved Ka-ne!
I wonder if huskies see him as a husky puppy...:msngiggle: