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Hello everyone at dogtricks.

I discovered your website by chance while searching the web for dog/shepherds whistles - and what a great discovery it has been.

I don't tend to use artificial whistles, but as it's getting nearer Winter over here, I thought I'd give it a try as frozen lips can be hard to whistle with...

The photo in my avatar is of my dog "Treacle" who is 15months old now. He's a mongrel with both Border Collie and sporting gundog in him.

He sits upright, "all ears", when listening, but instead of running in a wide curve like a Collie, he streaks off like a hairy missile. Especially when after rabbits and squirrels.

I rescued him (aged 7months) from a work colleague who'd kept him chained to a city apartment balcony from the time he got him at 8 weeks old.

I renamed him Treacle due to his colouring and he's by far the best dog I've ever had. I grew up with Border Collies and they are easy to train in comparison to this fellah. My mistake was treating him like a BC - he is far too inquisitive and uses his nose 90% of the time (his eyesight isn't that great).

"Wide" body posture, crowding his space, acting "aloof" and a "HOY SIR!!" in a Scottish accent have meant I've never had to hit him when he misbehaved. Kindness, pats, cuddles, rough rubbing around his neck and ears and "GOOD LADDIE!!" when he does the right thing have worked wonders.

I only use "SIT" (with one whistle or finger snap), "WAIT" (with an open palm downwards at the roadside before we cross traffic), and "HERE SIR" to recall. I also use his name and lots of bad language at times. I never show I'm angry as that makes him panic so I think from his reaction he was beaten as a pup.

We live on the south side of the River Forth with miles and miles of green countryside (hills, valleys, forests, crop fields) around us, plus three estates with deer. He absolutely loves living here and has thrived in the few months I've had him.

He loves other dogs, cats and children but is learning that some want peace and quiet and will use their teeth and claws to ensure they are left alone. The cats and dogs treat him like that too..

Am I the only one that has a dog that grumbles and mutters at me, and has to have the last say? Probably not but it's great entertainment.

It's been four years since my old dog went to the boneyard above, and I'd forgotten the joy a dog brings. I've never been happier I must admit.

My apologies for the long introduction. The mutt can't type and he's been grumbling at me while I'm at the keyboard.... oh you weren't muttering advice? You need out? Why didn't you say so.....

Chat soon :-D


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Adorable dog!! Love how he grumbles!! ha ha!! Mine does too, so does Tx Cowgirl''s dog, too!! Love it!!

I know just what you mean, about you'd almost forgotten how much joy a dog can add to one's life!! YES THEY DO!!!