Hello From Pea The Mutt And I


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I rescued sadie, AKA pea, on august 19, 2015. She is just a ball of energy and have a lot of plans to do things with her. We hope to learn how to do new tricks from here. We were living with my sister who has a deaf dog, and she picked up on hand signals. She doesnt understand the words like down, or sit. Though if you point to the floor, it means sit. If you make a down motion with your hand even when standing tall, she knows it down. We are working on the core muscles for sit pretty at the moment, and recently picked up how to shut the door the other day. She also knows hop(jump into my arms), and up(run up my front and bounce off). These tricks are only aloud if there is a toy, jumping isnt aloud any other time or on any other person. If my cousin were to hold the toy, she wont touch him. Also she wont jump up or on unless I make a motion with the toy. Up I pat my chest with the toy. Hop is if I lower and raise the toy in the air. We have basics as well.
We are just learning to back up today and spin.
She is found on instagram @pea_the_mutt



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Hi and welcome. Pea is so freakin adorable and wow she reminds me of my Piper. Please feel free to jump into other threads to post your thoughts and opinions and make your own.:)


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Welcome! Pea is gorgeous :)

Some dogs find hand signals a lot easier than words. I don't know if this is because they listen too little (and don't hear what they need to) or listen too much (and can't sort out what is relevant from what is irrelevant). My dog Zac prefers hand signals, my mum's dog Gus is usually very alert to audible cues.