Hello from New Hampshire


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Hello. My name is Mike and I have a 15 month old Setter/Terrier mix named Shelby. She is actually the first dog I've ever had the pleasure of raising and she has been a great companion in the year that I've had her.

I've trained her so far to Sit, Stay, High 5, High 10 (both paws), Down, Over, Crawl, Spin, and walk through my legs. My wife told me that we need to train her on some new moves, so here I am looking for what else I can train her.

She is very intelligent and picks up on things pretty quickly and is always eager to please.


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Hey Mike, welcome to the boards. Are you clicker training Shelby or using another method?


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I used a clicker to get the initial behavior, but then I added in the word and a hand gesture. She knows all those tricks really well, so now whenever I get a treat for her, she usually tries to high five or spin immediately knowing that she gets treats for doing that.