Hello from Mr. Happy and Skipper


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Hey everyone. I am new here. Just wanted to intorduce myself and my buddy Skipper or Skip for short.
He is an eighteen month old Australian cattle dog - a blue heeler to be exact. I adopted him from New Hope Cattle dog rescue last week. This will be my second heeler that i have been servant too. These are incredibly smart animals - extremely trainable. I am going to be frequenting this site for tips and Ideas on all sorts of tricks.

Right now we are coveringthe basics - sit, come, stay, up/down, and heel. I will soon begin teaching catch(frisbee dog big time), fetch, shake, and play dead. This is going to be so much fun.

We'll be in touch.


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Don't think I've ever seen a Blue Heeler, apart from on the television. From what I gather, they have a similar temperament and characteristics to the Border Collie?

Welcome to the DTA site and enjoy your training!