Hello from Minnesota


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I'm Julie and I was so glad to find this site:dogbiggrin:I need some new tricks to teach my 9 year old Lab mix Ali. She already Moons people,Shakes her head yes.Says her Prayers,Spins,Does Bang you're dead,High Five,Rolls Over,Speaks,Whispers,Limps,Lays her head down to look sad,Sits up to say please by moving her paw, Crawls, and she will go get a bucket to help carry stuff.
As you can see she loves learning new tricks.:dogbiggrin:
I have had dogs for all of my adult life,I have competed in obedience trials and I have done obedience training with all of my dogs.I also seem to attract stray dogs .:dogrolleyes:
I also have a 2 1/2 Yellow Lab mix that found me at my last job,which was at a wayside rest area.I mostly get my dogs now from rescue places.No more AKC dogs for me,:dogsad: to many dogs that are abandon that need homes.I just have this need to help these homeless dogs now that I live out in the country on 40 acres of land.But 3 is my limit as that is the number my husband picked :dogmad:
Other things I love- spending time with my 2 grandsons,knitting ,wolves and wildlife in general.
Glad to be here and hope to have many happy chats here.:msnhugegrin:


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you said 3 dogs is your limit, so what's your third dog?! I'm in Saint Paul and it's nice to see another Minnesotan! Do you currently compete in obedience?


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Wow, sounds like you have a done a great job teaching her tricks! I'd love to hear a description of that whisper trick!! And any tips you did on teaching her that one!


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My third dog Zoey passed away,so only have 2 dogs now.I do not do obedience anymore.I live 25 minutes south of the Iron Range out in the woods LOL.I'm 1 hour north of Duluth.


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The whisper trick I taught Ali was really easy because when she would bark I would tell her no and she would kind of do a soft woof instead so I started telling her whisper when she would do the woof and give her a treat.