Hello From Me And Boo

Hello! I heard about this forum from the chazhound.com dog forum and thought I'd come to check it out! I'm a university student double-majoring in Animal Science and Psychology and I enjoy dog training immensely. My trick training guinea pig is a 6-8(??) year old chow mix named Boo. We adopted her nearly four years ago and since then she has been wonderful in humoring my attempts to teach her new things. She's not the most enthusiastic and energetic trick dog on the planet, but she is happy to oblige. So far, she has learned roughly 30 little tricks which she is usually happy to perform for treats. Tonight I taught her to stand in a cardboard box on command and we have just started working on teaching her to cross her paws.

Boo's tricks can be seen in the video below:

Boo also resides with our family cat, Misty, who in 12 years has learned how to jump on the bed and come downstairs at feeding time! :p

I'm excited to get ideas for new tricks and hopefully teach Boo some new ones!



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HEYYY!!!! *waves*

It's Skittledoo from Chaz. I had to join too because this forum look awesome and because I'm really trying to motivate myself more in my training.


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Welcome to DTA! What a gorgeous dog Boo is! My dog is pretty laid back about learning tricks too but there is always something new on here that makes me try to teach him just one, or two, or seven more tricks...
thanks running_dog! And hello, Skittledoo! Glad the link to this forum was provided, it looks like a great place to get ideas and share.


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I'm so glad too because I really want to be surrounded by people who can help out with trick ideas and tips


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:cool:oooooh wow,a very warm welcome to you,I LOVE YOUR VIDEO,GREAT MUSIC :ROFLMAO: apart from that Boo is just amaing and totally stunning,love the way she is turning her head to ignore the treats on her paws,Dodge does that with dry treats (anything better like sausage and he s got a very beady eye on them:LOL:got a video on here somewhere:cautious:) she is very enthusiastic compared to my boy :LOL:(he s a lazy bum unless there s good treats to work for which makes training that little bit tricky,as I dont want him to end up a fatty bum:ROFLMAO:)
Looking forward to loads more fab videos and a chat with you (y)

(oh yeah,forgot to say . . . . I m impressed with your cat training,too :LOL: lush looking kitty:love:)
Well thank you! Glad you enjoyed the little video. :) Boo is surprisingly good with her "leave it" command. It was one of the first things that she learned when she got here and she is pretty bombproof with the "food on feet" thing. I haven't really applied the command to other situations though, so when she sees a bunny bolting across the pasture at the barn with me at the end of the leash, my attempts to divert her attention are usually pretty useless!

Only issue with the head turning is that it takes quite a bit of finesse to actually get a cookie on top of her nose so she can perform the "cookie on nose trick." Not because she is trying to eat the cookie, but because she doesn't want the forbidden food anywhere near her face. :cautious: