Hello from MA, USA


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Hello all,

I was just browsing the 'net for lists of trick suggestions and noticed this site... looks pretty cool :dogsmile:

I have a 3 y/o Standard Poodle named Charlie who loves to learn all sorts of things... I'm a service dog trainer and he is my demo-dog, but we also train in obedience, rally, agility, tricks etc, and have recently joined a local search and rescue team.

It would be neat to get Charlie into show biz, but Poodles generally get labelled as sissy/foofoo/spoiled etc - not sure I want my boy portrayed like that :dogwub:

I look forward to checking-out the lessons and meeting people through the forums!


Jean Cote

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I think poodles are extremely smart, aren't they known for being circus dogs? I'm pretty sure you can teach him all the tricks in the world, and people won't have a choice but to label him as a smart cookie. :D


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I like poodles. Too bad some people percieve them as just little dogs people carry around in their handbags. I'm pretty sure by now a lot of people have different ideas about poodles - they've shown themselves to be very intelligent to those watching them.


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Thanks :)

Yep, Poodles have been used extensively for circus/performance, and well as tons of other jobs (retrievers, herders, police dogs, assistance dogs, war dogs, sledding dogs...).

Charlie is certainly a 'real' dog, but unfortunately he does have a trait with the teeniest, tiniest, itty-bitty hint of the Poodle stigma - he doesn't like to get dirty or wet unless there is a good reason (he'll step over or around puddles and likes to stand under umbrellas, but won't hesitate to dive into the muckiest pond in the US to chase the geese). We do get laughed at for it, but only by people who know Charlie's 'other' personality.
One of my favorite things about him is that he will 'talk back'. True, it's a bad training habit, but until he starts taking full advantage I've decided to let him get away with it - it's part of our 'routine' (he only does it with an audience). If I tell him to do something he'll do a similar task, but invariably with an outcome that he prefers at the given moment.
He has also figured out how to use his body language and actions to decieve people and dogs into believing a flat-out lie concocted in his own imagination! :D

The first local casting call I heard of wanted a Poodle to walk down the runway with a fashion model and bark/snap at people on the sidelines... :( I know someone who decided to just make her own movies so that she could show how smart her Poodles are - I may do something along those lines too... her movies are hilarious!