Hello from Jennifer and Leroy


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I have a 9 month old Giant Schnauzer/Poodle mix. He is very smart, but a little stubborn. We have basic obedience down when it is just me and my husband, but still working on it with company, children, and other dogs. We are working on not jumping, and leave it. Leroy loves going to the off leash dog park and gets along with other dogs. I found that training sessions with him help to calm him down, so I hope that adding new tricks will help too as he really likes to please.


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Welcome to the Academy! Good job getting a start on his training and keep it up. Check out the monthly challenges for new trick ideas. Enjoy the site!


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The best dog to take to the dog park is a well exercised slightly tired and trained dog. When they get there the energy is a lot different if they are already a little more satisfied instead of frantic and needing an outlet.

The training is a great idea and will help you. Welcome and have fun. :dogsmile: