Hello from a swiss/french dog


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Hallo, my name is Ayak and I am a siberian husky. I'm 10 month old.
My masters Sophie and Serge are french but we are living in Switzerland.
I am happy to have found this forum, so I hope it will give some good ideas to my masters :dogtongue2:
OK, I'm a husky and everybody says that it will be difficult for me to learn a lot of tricks because I often do only what I want. Well, it is true, but with a lot of patience and wonderfull treats, you could get a lot out of me :dogbiggrin:



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Welcome to you gorgeous pup and ur humans. Tell them ur not really hard to train just different that other dogs. Lots of treats learning tricks and obedience tasks with positive reinforcement and lots of exercise and you'll be perfect.

Look in the classroom a bit too. The clicker/treat method works well for northern breeds and the video examples make all things clear. Glad you joined us.:dogbiggrin:


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Don't you listen to those nay-sayers who will tell you you aren't able to learn the tricks because you're a Huskey. Just look at Onyx over in the classroom and that will be all of the rolemodel you need. You can do it!


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Welcome to the Academy! Indeed Huskies are stubborn pups but certainly trainable. ^^ Capable of learning many many things. Enjoy the site!


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thanks to all of you ! :dogtongue2: :dogbiggrin:
I am already studing in the classroom !! :doglaugh: