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Hi Folks,
I’d like to introduce me and mine to you all. Steve (that’s me) and my wife Gaynor live in Wales, UK. We live close to the sea and the mountains. We are owned by two dogs…well ones a bitch actually. A Doberman male called Luger and a GSD bitch named Aysher . Both dogs are rescue animals but from totally different backgrounds…the Dobie was rescued when he was 11months old. Well its probably more accurate to say we rescued the family he was living with from the Dobie!...what a spoilt boy, he had no boundaries whatsoever and to anyone who knows the breed this is a recipe for disaster. One good thing…he was totally socialised with humans (he just didn’t think he was a dog!)
Aysher the GSD was a totally different story, we rescued her when she was 7 months old from a rescue centre that specialised in this breed. And unlike the Dobie she was totally OK with other dogs, she just wanted to eat people!
So as you can all see…on average we have two great dogs.
But seriously, both dogs are coming on just fine, sure we’d like the Dobie to not be so boisterous and the GSD to not be so intent on maiming joggers so we live in hope. So again a big fat HELLO to you all.

Jean Cote

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Hi steve and family! :welcome: to the website!

I hope you enjoy the website and training your dog to do tricks!!! :dogbiggrin: It sounds like you'll have your hands full with two dogs! :dogsmile:

Keep us updated on how your training is going in the forum, and we're always here to help if you need it!