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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by conroyaj, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. conroyaj New Member

    Hello, my name is Andy and I have a 9 month old puggle pup that my wife and I got from a rescue about 3 months ago. Been watching and reading posts so figured I would join up!(y)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome!:) So glad you joined and kudos for getting a rescue dog:love:(y). Do tell us more about your Puggles. Name and what tricks does he/she know? Do you use a clicker? They're fantastic for training.

    Join in, don't be shy, any questions just start a thread and you'll get loads of answers. Everyone is really friendly and helpful:) Oh and please, more pics, we all ADORE pics of all the dogs. Puggles are so cute!
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  3. conroyaj New Member

    Right now Aurora does not know many tricks. She is doing a short class (more like my wife and I are) to make sure we understand the best way to continue to train her.

    There are only 2 other dogs/owners in this class and apparently Aurora is a naturally at pleasing people with treats! She can easily sit, lay down (down), still working on come, she is working on spinning left and right, working on rollover as well.

    We are in the process of purchasing a house so she doesn't get as much training on some days until we move in to the new house.

    Well I am headed over to find the best way and maybe ideas on why she starts to bite and get slightly aggressive when I ask her to come downstairs. She doesn't do it all the time but enough that I am starting to look into it.
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  4. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    Hello and welcome!! I hope you share some pictures!
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  5. dogcrazy Experienced Member

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  6. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA!!!!!!:) Your pup is ADORABLE!!!!!:love: Glad you decided to rescue a dog!!! We'd love to see some more pics!!!! We hope you stick around, this site is awesome!!!:D
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  7. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome, I'm glad you rescued. I'd love to see some pictures of her.
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    What a pretty name, love it:love: Aurora is doing really well, for a 9month old rescue, that's impressive.

    With recall/come - make it fun for her. If she's heading towards you, even if you haven't asked for come/recall, reward her. Also, make a game of come, have another person call her, then click/treat then the next person call her click/treat. If you make it exciting and rewarding, she'll 'get it' but it does take patience with some dogs. Some learn very quickly, my older boy Zeus did, but some, like my youngster, take forever:rolleyes:

    With the stairs. Do you know any of her history? Has she been frightened at all? Or slipped? Has anything occurred which has made her start biting? It may be the smallest thing which has caused her to fear the stairs. She's biting because for some reason she is now scared of the stairs.

    What I would do is take it very slowly, literally one step at a time, and click/treat when she makes just one step down. Use a lure, food is best as she's a food orientated dog, gradually get her down one step at a time click/treat, next step click/treat - rinse and repeat. Whatever you do do not get annoyed with her, this will only exacerbate the situation. I'm sure you wouldn't but just thought I would mention that point. And don't try to 'make' her come down the stairs by dragging on her collar. She is, for some reason, scared of the stairs.
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  9. Mutt Experienced Member

    Welcome to DTA!
    She looks adorable, I think it's wonderful that you got a rescue.

    Does she do 'agressive' behavior only when she has to go downstaires (and not upstairs)?
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