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I am a Jack Russel owner, until our Jack Russel I never knew the importance of training, we had poodles, pinchers and yorkshire terriers and the evolved with their own character without compromising ours...then with a JRT in our lives things went different, we became guests in our own house. This is our story.

Jean Cote

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Hi there! Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy. Training is very important, that's what we all do on this site. But we do it for fun and for a deeper relationship with our dog. :dogsmile:


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:whs: Teaching a dog stuff totally does bond you up with your dog, to watch their eyes while they are working it out in their brains, turns my heart over for my lil buddy. To see them beam when his face does "Ah ha! NOW i get it!"

I think this bond strengthening goes both ways, i think my dog appreciates the attention and focuses on me even way more because of the training.

Training relieves boredom in the dog (= which is common issue at the base of many things dogs do that humans do not appreciate, btw, that boredom problem!! :dogblush:) Training can make your dog safer, happier, even more fit, etc etc.

But Ceysupermarine, if you are having behaviorial issues, training your dog will certainly help you and your dog in SOOooo many ways. Jack Russels can be a handful!!:doglaugh:

Once you learn how to teach your dog what is allowed or not wanted by using positive only methods, your frustrations (i'm assuming there:msniwonder:) will lessen and you will enjoy your dog more fully, it's actually quite fun!!!
If you are looking for a place to help you learn how to positively train your dog, you've found the right place!! If you are new to training, remember--only short sessions, like only a few minutes, and always always end with positive note, like, reward something he can do well, and then play with him afterwards.
When i am done with training Buddy, i say "All done!" (he so knows what "all done" means, about lotsa things.) and then i throw toys for him, and once, i forgot, and Buddy came up to me with a toy in his mouth, was sooooo cute!!!