Hello Everyone - I'm a B.C. owner


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Hello everyone. My name is Nancy Brooke and I just discovered this site yesterday so I haven't had much time to explore yet. I own a border collie (or he owns me!) that we rescued about a year ago when he was approximately 10 months old. We almost gave him back because he was so out of control. He bit us (black and blue marks all over both my husband and I), was not housebroken at all and would run away without so much as a look over his shoulder if given half a chance. Something about him made us keep working and he is a wonderful dog now. He is great off-leash and makes us laugh everyday. Needless to say, we adore him.

I will be interested to read some training techniques because he is very different from our last border collie. Jake was a genius and absolutely loved to learn. Wiley is rather ADHD and is just happy fetching things. I can't seem to get him to understand the concept of learning. Although, he does shake, sit, down, stay, get the paper, come, take a bow, right, left, etc. When I try to teach him more complex tricks (e.g., weave through my legs) he doesn't seem the least bit interested. We tried agility and he is fearless, but he quickly loses interest when it is not his turn and then it's hard to get him back and focused. Anyway, that's more than enough info for an introduction. It will be fun to learn and share with all of you.


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Hi nbrooke!

:welcome: to the academy! I'm wondering, does your dog show any interest in treats? Are you able to lure him? There is a luring lesson in the level1 of the classroom which shows how to get your dog to follow treats so that you can then turn that into tricks.

Eventually in the later lessons I will show you how to train your dog without any lures and it will help him develop his learning skills. The Academy is fairly new and I am recording and writing new lessons each week, currently we are only up to level 3 - so keep checking back in to see what we've added.

If you run into any trouble, let us know and we'll help you! :dogsmile: