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any advice is welcome

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  1. lynda& jasper Member

    Hi all
    My name is Lynda and our dog is Jasper,
    jasper found and adopted us !
    We think he is a Brittany Spaniel he's adorable but a handful. We think he was badly treated as at first he wouldnt come to us even for food, he had cuts to his head and above his eye's
    But after only two weeks he's a different dog very outgoing and very clever. He now sits and waits for his meals comes to us most of the time when called and likes nothing more than a neck massage and belly rub.
    All the best lynda:)

  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi and Welcome Lynda and Jasper.:) What a beautiful boy Jasper is and so smart, plus he KNEW just who to adopt!:)

    Does really sound like he's had a rough time before adopting you. What a change love, belly rubs and neck massages can make in two short weeks:)

    I am not sure, from your poll questions, quite what information, help you would like.

    Do you use a clicker? It's the most effective way to train anything, loose lead walking, tricks starting with basics like sit (which Jasper already has) waiting for meals (again Jasper has this) and other tricks, l down/drop onto move advance ones. Proven scientifically to work as opposed to 'old school training'. I would make that my first buy, if you haven't one already, they're so cheap and will be the best thing thing you ever purchase - apart of course from all the yummy treats to give once you've clicked.

    If you need help with clicker training, there's a good thread here, with a Kikkopup video showing how to use the clicker and charge it first time.

    May I suggest you start a thread if you have specific questions re training Jasper, you're sure to get loads of really helpful and good advice, as everyone is very friendly and also knowledgeable:) Also check out the puppy training thread, there's a lot of help there even for 'older' dogs.

    Oh and please post more pictures of Jasper, we all LOVE doggy photos and he's sure one handsome boy:love:
  3. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    Welcome Linda and Jasper :)
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  4. Linda A Experienced Member

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  5. Dragonkingdogtrainer13 Well-Known Member

    Welcome! He's such a pretty dog. Have fun looking around the site! It's chalk full of information.
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  6. lynda& jasper Member

    Hi all
    Thanks for all the welcome's
    I dont have a clicker yet but when i get a chance i will go and invest in one . Ive just been training Jasper with treats as soon as he does something right i treat him and tell him what a good boy he is ! it seams to work most of the time the only things we can't get him to do upto now is stop jumping up we've tried turning away and ignoring him but that makes him worse and when he's playing fetch most of the time he will bring it back but wont drop it even for a treat !!! Any idea's
    Thanks again
    P.S here's some more pics !!

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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Not sure how old Jasper is but with the jumping up, ask for 'sit' and ONLY reward him when he sits. Don't make it sitsitsit though as that becomes white noise to a dog. One sit, wait ignore the jumping (don't turn away just ignore) and Jasper will soon 'get it' that he will be rewarded for sitting not jumping. Make his treat something really high value and special and he'll learn even faster:)

    With the fetch/give/drop try with a favorite toy if treats are not working. Also, try a REALLY high value treat, not just his normal treats. My boy took a while to learn to 'give' but patience is the key and having high value treats and/or a toy. Also, when he DOES give you his ball or whatever when playing fetch, after he's had his treat, give him back the toy/ball or throw it again IMMEDIATELY, so he realizes that you're not going to keep it or take it away from him.

    You'll find once you start with the clicker he'll learn even faster. I was amazed, after using good boy and treats, when I changed to using the clicker as well just how much faster my boy learned new tricks. It's really worth the small sum, you can get them online at ebay, if it's hard for you to buy them in your area as it was for me.

    You've had him such a short time and don't know his background, so give yourself a treat for doing so well with Jasper.
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  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome Jasper is a really pretty boy.
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  9. raymond upton Well-Known Member

    welcome linda and jasper he looks like an american brittany to me he's a real good looking dog as far as the jumping up what i've been doing with mine is when he jumps i stand real tall cross my arms turn my back to him then tell him to sit when he sits i give him praise and a good rub it seems to be working out pretty well for me
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  10. 2SpoiledAussies Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Kikopup on YouTube has a great video for jumping up! Basically you reward the dog on the ground Before he jumps up! And eventually he'll catch on that you will reward him for staying on the ground.
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  11. lynda& jasper Member

    Hello all
    Thanks for the advice we will try anything ! He seems to be worse first thing in the morning, because we live in greece its a mild climate and he is kept outdoors, so we think because he has been on his own all night he's excited to see us.
    We think he is maybe about 8 months old as he still has some puppy fur and barks like a pup, also he does not always cock his leg to wee.
    i will check the video on you tube later. Thanks again
    Lynda :)
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    He could be younger, my boy was lifting his leg to wee a little younger than that. He will be more inclined to jump first thing, as he hasn't seen you all night, so he's saying 'hi good morning' doggy way:)

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