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    New here and looking forward to some ideas and how tos for some new tricks. I have just started teaching my Lab pup (well he's 10 months now) tricks about 3 months ago and he took off like lightening. I got to this site by looking for some new tricks to teach him, since I had come to a stand still on the ones I could think of. Hope to talk to you all and thanks for the time.

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    Welcome to DTA! This is a fun place with many things to learn! Don't be afraid to ask questions, we're all here to help each other!
  3. J_Sinay Member

    So a little more about my crowd and stuff. I actually have 4 dogs. Oscar is a 10 month old yellow Lab, Denver (Oscar's mom) is a 5 year old yellow Lab, Luke is a 11 year old black Lab, and last but not least, Lyla who is a 5 year old Stephen's Cur. All my dogs are well behaved, but none had the ability or interest in trick training until the pup came along. Oscar's mother is the sweetest dog, but she is dumber than a box of rocks and super sensitive. Luke is actually my boyfriend's dog and is unfortunately old for his age with very bad elbow displasia and, Lyla, well she is super smart, but the evil genius type of smart. She is my pack leader and super dominant. She and I have had many confrontations over who is alpha (fortunately I still am, usually). She was a rescue and I tell her time and time again that she's lucky she's cute. I also have a couple rats which are also fun to train tricks. I haven't had as much success with my 2 mice.
    I teach preschool in the morning and then go to my second job at a pet store in the afternoons. They are about the same type of work. Kids....animals....it's about the same.;) I really am enjoying this site and am looking forward to teaching more tricks with help from all of you. Thanks!!

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