Hello and Happy Holidays!


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Hi, I just found this site the other day and I just had to join! :dogbiggrin:

I hadn't owned a dog in a decade until three days ago, when I brought home a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog cross. She's just 7 weeks and under normal circumstances I would've waited another few to bring her home, but she was obviously not in the best of care. Right now we're battling a small flea problem and getting her to her first vet visit.

I had my heart set on getting a doberman pinscher this year, but I felt that this little girl needed my help first. No regrets (yet!) :dogtongue2:

My mother dubbed her Chrissy because I got her so close to Christmas and the name stuck. I'm hoping to do many activities with her, and am especially looking forward to rally obedience. We've got a long way to go, wish us luck! :doghappy:

I hope everyone and everydog has a happy and safe holiday!


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Thank you all! I'll be sure to make use of the blog section if she'd only give me some time to write! :D


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cattle dog are good dogs to get back off the ground with, there easy to train as there working dogs originally and so happy to learn