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  1. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    my name is Bree, and I have a two year old deaf Australian Shepherd. his name is Atlas. my life has been kind of crazy lately, so I haven't been keeping up too much on his training. right now he knows (the hand signals for) sit, stay/wait, down, roll over, play dead, this paw, that paw, spin and twirl.

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  2. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    thank you very much!
    we're very glad to be here, I've been looking for a place to be able to just talk DOG with people. :D
  3. sara Moderator

    Welcome! Your Aussie is ADORABLE! I have 3 deafies, 2 Double Dapple (merle) Dachshunds and a Terrier mix. all 3 love tricks! I adore deafies, and will likely only ever have deaf dogs from now on... though I could be persuaded to try a blind, or a blind and deaf dog next LOL.

    Here are mine:
    Mouse's new trick
    Scout, with Mouse and Boo at the end
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  4. fly30 Experienced Member

    Welcome to you and your beautiful Atlas. Double merles are more and more visible nowadays. Unfortunately, a lot of people want their dog to have puppies but they don't know anything about genetical science and we end up with these poor white and deaf little dogs. Well done to you and also Sara for all the effort you put in the communication with your dogs. They are so lucky to have you !
  5. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    Sara, your deafies are wonderful! I especially love Mouse, looks so eager to please! :) Atlas is my first deaf guy, and I'm so glad I decided I was up for the challenge.

    Fly, thank you. unfortunately, the "breeder" I got Atlas from knew all about genetics, he just didn't care. I made sure, after I got Atlas into my car and locked the doors, that I lectured him. which was really all I could do since that kind of unethical breeding isn't illegal.
  6. sara Moderator

    Honestly, deaf dogs are EASY... When I adopted Scout, (my first deafie) I thought I'd be in for a challenge... I was SOOOOO WRONG! Scout went from pulling as hard as she could on a leash (injuring her throat in the process) having almost no manners, and knowing 2 signs that we could find, to this:


    in 10 weeks.

    the video isn't the greatest, and I dont agree with some things said, however, Scout is BRILLIANT!

    and at the time, I was just an average trainer, with no special knowledge, just a desire to show people that they dont need to die, just because they're deaf. (Scout was 2 hours from being euthanized at a shelter as no one wanted to give her a chance.

    Good for you Bree, for lecturing that idiot breeder! I've done the same a few times!
  7. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    I've had so many people (who OWN deaf dogs) on a pet forum I used to be one get all kinds of angry when I say that deafies are easy. :cautious: but they really are. most people who meet Atlas don't know he's deaf until I say somthing. and then, of course, their response it "ohh, poor thing!" :p Atlas is brilliant, too. he can get a trick down almost solid in one session!

    after I lectured him, he tried to defend himself by saying something about merles being more desired. ugh.
  8. charmedwolf Moderator

    I'm glad you ended up with Atlas he is quite adorable. I've always wanted a deaf dog but I haven't been able to find one that I think would be a good match.

    Good for you for giving him an ear full.
  9. fly30 Experienced Member

    More desired... well now this "birther" (can't say he's a breeder) is not having merles but white dogs who should not be white, and worse, dogs that should not be deaf (some are even blind on top of that). This makes me angry too. If a breeder (a real one) wants to produce merle, he has one merle and another colour and he does tests to make sure the white gene is not going to be predominant.

    Of course, they are brilliant, they are dogs like any other and even more close to their owners as they really need to build a team with them. One question : how do you do when you go for walks to call them back ? I've always wondered.
  10. sara Moderator

    Alot of deaf dogs cant be off leash in an unfenced area. Scout can, Mouse and Boo? not so much. I call Scout with a wave in, as she's been taught to check in every few seconds. Some train recall using a vibrating collar (NOT a shock collar, it just vibrates) I would consider that if I ever adopted a bigger deafie.
  11. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    Atlas is very lucky he's not blind as well, and has minimal sight issues. I believe his depth perception is off, as he has a tendency to let things (like treats) that are thrown to him hit him in the face (he's figured it out with the frisbee, though! :p). he also sometimes runs into door ways and such. other than that, he can see my hand signals from across a field, and spots squirrels from a mile away! haha.

    Atlas is reliable off leash in an unfenced area, too. he's been off leash since the day I got him, and I started working with him that day on checking in. now, like Scout, he checks in every few seconds and comes when I wave him in. eventually, when I can afford one, I plan on buying him a vibrating collar.
  12. sara Moderator

    Mouse and Boo both have vision impairment. Boo is extremely nearsighted, and Mouse is nearly blind in one eye, and extremely light sensitive. If I turn off the lights, she'll run into things for 10 minutes or so, same if it's dark and I turn the lights on. Double merle/dapple is an awful colour!
  13. fly30 Experienced Member

    Thanks for answering my question about running off leash. This is interesting and of course, it makes sense to teach the dog to check every few seconds. After all, though Fly can hear, she does check. The only time when I loose her attention is when she sees a cat, but in that case, she's like deaf :)
    I can imagine the vibrating collar being be a great help for deaf dogs.
  14. ohSNAPCAKES Well-Known Member

    I used to have a shock collar (with the shock feature disabled) that I used with Atlas, because they usually have a vibrate feature as well. but, since it wasn't water proof, he dove into the pool at the dog park and ruined it. haha. so I'm holding out for an expensive, water proof one.
  15. fly30 Experienced Member

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