Hello All!


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Hello Everyone! I was "referred" here by very nice folks from the dogwise forums.. I had some issues registering in the past but my PC seems to have cleared up the issues!

I'm just a pet owner. My fiance and I have a just-over-1-yr old American Bulldog girl named Feeby and we are over the moon about her!

I can't wait for summer and some more free time to work on more training with her off leash and maybe learn some cute tricks.

Look forward to making new online friends :msngrin:


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Feeby is just TOO adorable! Remember - working with your dog is great for your dog and also terrific for your own health. Find out how in Fit As Fido, available through Dogwise.com. Enjoy!


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Feeeeeby!! and Onward welcome. The last time I watched one of ur videos you were calling Feeeeby and both my dogs came over to the computer to see who was dog talking. It was cute. I love the avatar picture, who could not just love that face. :doglaugh:


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Thanks Snooks!! Isn't it funny when dogs see other dogs on tv or our monitors?? It's nice having an avatar on this forum and seeing other people's "babies"!


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Welcome to the Academy! I'll have to check out your vids. ^^ Feeby is a cutie. Enjoy the site; hope to see you around!!