Hello All From Peace Corps Kazakhstan!


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Hello everyone,

I am in a bit of an odd situation here. I am currently living in Kazakhstan in a small town, as a Peace Corps Volunteer. And guess what? I ended up saving a puppy.

I named her Frankie, and she's a really sweet (supposedly) 2 month old German Shorthair Pointer. When I got her she had all sorts of bugs, a big scab on her tummy, a smaller scab too (belly button?), and the most gorgeous eyes and giant ears I've ever seen.

Commercial dog food isn't common here, and what is available is crap from China. So I've been feeding the BARF diet because there's way more fresh, organic meat available here than I've ever seen before. You should see the meat bazaar. Intense.

Anyway, I am hoping to find a community to help with all my dog related questions (poor Frankie has problems galore!). Please remember that I don't have access to many of the things that you have in America, and that she is a rescue.

Thanks guys!



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Hi and welcome to the forums;)
Well done to you for saving a dog - do you have a camera so you could take a few pictures - that would help if you want to confirm her breed or what the scabs are.
The raw diet (barf) is a really great thing to do - check out the 'dog food' section of the forum for loads of information about feeding raw and the 'dog treats' section for lots of great homemade dog treats.
Any other questions that you have feel free to post them - I really hope you enjoy your new puppy and training - it should be great fun:D


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Hello and welcome! What a wonderful thing you have done saving Frankie, she is one lucky girl. I would LOVE to see photographs her if that is possible, defiantly through her transformation and into adulthood.


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So here are two pictures of Frankie. I am so despondent right now - I just came home from work to a blood bath. I really don't know how to deal with poor Frankie. :(


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Say Hi to Borat for me! ah ah kidding asides, great for you for rescuing your pup. I assume you are here because you wanted to train some tricks? :) Send me a private message and I'll hook you up with a free copy of my new course once it comes out.


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She's definitely a german shorthaired pointer - absolutly gorgeous :love:
I really hope you enjoy training her - I hope when you said a blood bath you didn't mean an actual blood bath - or did you?