He did it!

Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by yvonne, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. yvonne Well-Known Member

    He is now 7 Months old and has passed all his tests to go up a class, into Novice.

    Dude .. I love you <3 xx :doglaugh:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

  3. yvonne Well-Known Member

    Thanks from me Jean, and giant licks and waggy tails from Dude. :doglaugh:
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Yay, CONGRATS!
  5. maven New Member

    Alright! Way to go DUDE!

    (And you too Yvonne :) )
  6. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Well done, to both of you. :)

    Can I share your limelight, being as we're both Brits an' all? :)

    I got Ellie to go and pick up the phone, and bring it to me when it rings today. We've been working on it all weekend, but without the ring. Tonight I thought it was time to advance and use the ring. She does it perfectly now. Another job I don't have to do for myself!

    I'll try and get a video together tomorrow.
  7. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Way to go Dude - congrats Yvonne.:dogbiggrin:

    And Collieman - that's an impressive trick - Milo will get the remote but a ringing phone - that's something else. Can't wait to see a video.

  8. dat123 Experienced Member

    Good stuff Yvonne and Dude. Keep up posted on your progress in novice.
  9. snooks Experienced Member


    Congrats.....I'm so happy for you guys. Somebody deserves a bit belly rub.... :dogtongue2:
  10. yvonne Well-Known Member

    Yes he sure does! Not me though I am a bit tickly!!

    Thanks everyone for wishing us well. Having so much fun with Dude is reward in itself but knowing you guys are cheering us on is just wonderful :doglaugh:

    Wow CM that is an impressive trick. Like everyone else on here I cnat wait to see the video :dogsmile:

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