Havanese Anyone? U Dont Know What You Are Miossing Then! Look Them Up

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by Isi Havanese, Jun 11, 2011.

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    I have a 13 week old Havanese they are originally from Havana Cuba and are know as circus dogs due to their quirky trick trainability. She is a natural at jumping mid air twists and turns rolls and just plain entertaining silliness. :ROFLMAO::confused::sneaky:She is a long haired toy breed I am in love with this relatively rare breed. Look them up. :cautious:I thought I knew alot before acquiring her but until you play and cuddle one intimately no one could ever describe to you the pure joy of having this breed capture your heart!:love: :giggle:I have had alot of dogs in my family and of my own but I am sold totally on this little girl and my Isabella is a typical Havanese from what I have read they all are pretty much this way.:ninja::whistle:. Pure Silliness,O_o Loving Joy:love: and daily :eek:Amazement! :p:love::ROFLMAO::sneaky:(y):D:rolleyes:But be prepared to keep combs and brushes in hand daily the grooming is intense even some required if you shave them down.I love to groom her:love: I just wish she loved to be groomed by me!:confused::mad:
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    I finally found an Avatar of a Havanese this pic came from the net and she looks exactly like my Isabell except mine has ATTITUDE galore! She is crazy and I adore her, she has been walking on her brother the German Shepherd Kaden's back lately they adore one another. These breed is known to love cats too. I became allergic to cats so after my last one passed away @ 5 years ago I never got another so I don;t know how she would do. :love:I love both these breeds! Yet they could not be more different and they still love eachother too. I let them get to know eachother only protecting th puppy due to size but now I have to watch her because she gets rowdy and sometimes he just wants to be left alone. So now I am protecting the GSD from the Havanese. Too Funny!:ROFLMAO::LOL:

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