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    I never walk my dogs on a flat collar. I always use a harness. I hike quite a bit with them, I also use a harness. Mine has a handle, I've used it to lift them over big rocks and up really icy areas.

    I've tried the premier easy walk (doesn't fit very well, rubs their pits)
    -Freedom harness, This is probably the best no pull harness I've ever found! The straps that go under the arms are lined with velvet.
    -I've tried numerous other harnesses, but they've all had one deficiency or the other.

    The one I currently use is the Julius K-9 IDC harness. I love it! Easy to put on and very light! NOTE: It is not a no-pull harness, its a backclip harness so if your dog pulls, this won't help.
    It just goes over the head, *one* buckle fastens it.
    http://www.amazon.com/Julius-K9-IDC-Powerharness-Reflective-Labels-Harness/dp/B0041W936A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420170892&sr=8-1&keywords=julius k-9

    IDC Red size 1.jpg

    this is their website:
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    Do you always remove the harness when you let your dogs off leash?
    If not isn't there a bigger risk of them snagging on something?
    If you do don't you end up with rather a lot to carry?
    I do like the look of the julius-k9 harness you are using, I'd never seen it before. I see there are lots of colour choices too (y) and it looks like it would adjust properly to a sighthound.
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    Usually I have them on a longline when they're offleash, I'm not really concerned about them catching on something. They're always in sight so if they get hung up I can fix them.
    I also have this harness, totally minimalist. I rarely use it though. It would be a good tracking harness.
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    I see, that does remove the snagging risk :cool:
    Me + Zac + longline and we are all either snagged or just plain fed up and frustrated :LOL:

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